Tom Pasma will Fight for Debt-Free College in Washington

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We have an unjust education system that is burying students in unsurmountable debt that is killing generational wealth and hurting our economy.  I’m old enough to remember a time when our government invested in our future by fully funding education through college. It’s time Washington returns to promoting education in the trades and our colleges and universities by guaranteeing debt-free college to every single Washington State resident.

It used to be that the government would supply grants to cover most, if not all, costs for post-secondary education. And in many cases if you needed to take out a small loan, you could with reasonable interest rates. Most of us realize that this is not the case for our kids and grandkids anymore and it is forcing them to gamble with their future by taking out high interest loans from Wall Street. Not only is this situation unacceptable, but the lack of response in Olympia is deplorable.

If elected as your Representative in Olympia, I promise to add my name as a co-sponsor of the “Washington Promise Act” (SHB 1840) and whip votes to make debt-free college a reality here in Washington.

We need a New Deal in Washington that supports our kids and grandkids and allows them to make the best decisions for their futures by guaranteeing debt-free education for trades schools and at our colleges and universities. If you agree, I ask for your vote.

Tom is endorsed by key stakeholders in our education community like:

  • Education Champion and Former WA 40th LD Rep. Dave Quall
  • Tim Knue, Executive Director of WA Association for Career and Technical Education
  • Young Democrats of Washington
  • Wendy Ragusa, Mount Vernon School Board

Ballots have been mailed out and are required to be postmarked or dropped off at a ballot box by Tuesday, August 7th